Workshop: Jinsin Cap/Cloche - Zoom

Clever use of minimal materials to make this quick little hat


Two to two and a half hours



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Developing techniques learned when making The Diorabella and Cutting Curves in Jinsin, these simple hats can be produced quickly with less than 50cm x 50cm of Jinsin.


50cm x 50cm of Jinsin, or, bring some scraps.
1 metre of 38mm or 52mm Petersham.
Flex wire (see photo) and joiner.
Millinery wire.
Wire cutters.
A dolly head.
Craft Glue.
A chalk pencil.
Your paper or straw scissors, not your good ones.
Measuring tape.
Steam iron with cover.
Sewing machine threaded and ready.
Sewing needle.
Strong thread for hand sewing.


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