Workshop: Woven Beret

Learn to weave a woollen beret


Two 2-hour Zoom sessions a week apart.



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This is a Zoom workshop that will give you the skills to weave a beautiful woollen beret. You can choose your own colours and weaving patterns. There are different headfit and brim sizes that you can choose.

Note: times shown are local for Melbourne, Australia.

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We will email you a PDF template.

You need a piece of cardboard or foam board. The lid of a family sized pizza box works well.

A large-eyed needle.
An awl.
About 100grams of yarn starting with 4ply for the warp. After that you can mix and match some thicker yarns (and colours) if you wish.

For finishing (session two) you will need a 45cm circular knitting needle.

Weaving takes time which is why we suggest a week between sessions. If you need longer, you can attend a different second session, just let us know.


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