Workshop: Essential Hat Edges


The Essential Hat has long been using a terrific technique for making edges. Using combinations of sinamay and petersham we can match almost any colour. Come and learn our secret to creating a sophisticated finish.

In addition to the sinamay over petersham method, we can also look at how to effectively use piping and other braids to give your hats the edge they deserve.

A smart, well finished edge is essential. This workshop will help set you apart from other new milliners.


What you should bring:

Sinamay and petersham, scraps will do to start with to make samples. Bring some of your favourite straw braids and we?ll see how best to use them. If you have a brim that needs edging, bring that too and we?ll help you choose the right colours and techniques.

We supply:

All the tools you will need: dolly heads, wire cutters, pliers, sewing needles, thread, scissors, sewing machines, blocks, etc. Any of the workshop materials will be available for purchase should you need them. Let us know in advance if possible.
An elegant, well finished edge is essential and will set you apart from other new milliners.


Full day or two evenings




We don't have this scheduled at the moment.
Interested? Call or email and we'll get back to you when we do.